Saturday, January 01, 2011

Magnificent Marklin Collection

I was looking around the Tinplate and Marklin Forums last night and I saw this.... Possibly the largest Prewar Marklin collection there is. This is (from what I can tell from the forums) only one collector! And not all of the collection is being shown!

This is currently on the 4th floor at Sotheby's in NYC. It's a closed sale, meaning that this probably will go to a very high roller. People with way plain old ridiculous amounts of cash. My guess is that this is a $10 million plus collection, just from what I am seeing here.

What a marvel this must be to see all of these toys running.

Oh yes, before you continue perusing all of these pics, let me give credit where credit is due: I absolutely did not take these pictures. These came off the Marklin forum, the link is above. The guy that took these was "Mechman".

If I feel well enough (had some surgery a few weeks ago and still just barely sea-worthy), I may go into NYC to see if I can see this collection. Apparently Sotheby's would prefer this not be photographed.

Looks like a "once in a lifetime" viewing of prewar Marklin though. What an amazing collection....

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