Friday, January 07, 2011

Wooden Train

Yes, I know we are all slaves to the tinplate master. However when you see something like this, you just have to scratch your head and think "how did they do that"? Check out this youtube. I gotta tell ya, youtube is great, there is no way (in the olden days of magazines and static pictures) that you could have gotten a sense of how awesome these trains are. The boom crane is really amazing. And to have all of those little handmade switchers around.....

And all of that wooden track just blows me away. I know I scream when I have to go out to the trainstore to buy the metal stuff! I'll stop babbling, just check this out.


PS You may want to check out some of the other European beauties at Modelspoor 2010. They have an absolutely fantastic tinplate trolley layout with some truly amazing catenary.

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Brian O. said...

Assuming these are hardwoods can you imagine the weight involved? Makes tin seem aerodynamic!