Sunday, November 06, 2011

Iron Monarch from American Flyer

As many people know, I am not a box saver.  However this new Iron Monarch set from MTH may make me use some of my meager closet space to save these wonderful little holders.  The graphics and quality of these boxes is really outstanding, they were a major surprise when opening up the set.

Now I am just shooting a few shots of the set because it I have some Youtube videos I would rather post.  This set is really nice.  I have an original Hamiltonian set and the cars are almost spot on.  The red color is bright and vibrant and the engine cranks out more smoke than my train room can handle.  This isn't an official review, I just like the set.  It's by far one of the nicest sets I own.

I know, I just haven't had much time this year to  really do much posting.  The recent weather here in the Northeast hasn't exactly helped either.  I am still posting this off of a mobile broadband access point (no fast internet here).  Been a hectic and tough year.  I am really looking forward to 2012.

I am uploading the Youtube videos now.  Looks for me to post them sometime this Sunday.  I wills start posting more as we head into prime time toy train season.

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Ronald D. Whiteurs said...

What is the large yellow factory-like building in the background? It reminds me of the Prewar Lionel Standard Guage Powerhouse, but the windows do not seem to be stamped into the sides.