Sunday, November 13, 2011

RMT Statue Of Liberty

Hi Everyone - in the past I've put up several posts of my visit to the Statue Of Liberty.  Perhaps Lady Liberty is one of the greatest artistic representations of America's values for all time.  It also happens to be largely made out of metal and tinplate.  Go figure.  

RMT/Aristocraft has created a wonderful model of Lady Liberty for toy train layouts.  Typically if you go to Liberty Island there are more models of the Statue then you can shake a stick at.  There are quite a few that are spot on for Standard Gauge and Tinplate layouts, however getting them off the island can represent some challenges and shipping them can be costly (and they are delicate). 

Hence this RMT Model:

It is lit, it is accurate and it is the right price.  The model above is not an accurate representation of the RMT product, go out to their link (above) and check it out.  It is as solid a Christmas gift as you can get for any train nut.


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