Saturday, December 24, 2011

Grand Central Trains 2011

Merry Christmas All!  Welcome to prime time for toy trains.  I was in Grand Central last week with my Panasonic Micro 4/3rds camera.  And well, go figure, there were a few toy trains there.  Grand Central at Christmas is always a spectacle.  There are quite a few special stations in the United States and Grand Central is the king to rule them all.  I really don't even think the models of it do the grandeur and boldness of the structure justice.  It is one of those places that has to be taken in by being there.  And the wonder of the place doesn't get old or pass with age.  It gets better.

I snapped a few shots in the Grand Central Transit Museum.  The MTH layout is there every year along with some key parts and pieces of standard gauge collections.  The layout is excellent O gauge, especially for the really small amount of space they have.  The kids in Grand Central were absolutely going nuts over the trains and there were plenty of outstanding quality sets that could be purchased right on the spot and reasonable prices.  It really is a warm and great atmosphere to see these toys.  Maybe the SGMA can cut a deal with Grand Central to really show them so serious toy trains!

 Without further delay....

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