Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TCA Convention Tour (Atlanta Dixie Division) - Arno Baars Collection

Definitely blow these up if you have a good quality monitor (click on the pics).  These are from Arno Baars collection.  These shots were set up for TCA Atlanta Convention (Dixie Division) and they show quite a collection. I WISH ARNO WOULD PUBLISH THE DAMN BOOK ALREADY!

Arno is an expert on Postwar Standard Gauge, specifically from eclectic sources that weren't Lionel or Flyer.  As you can see, his collection is spectacular and highly unique.  He has been working on a book for some time of these items and I for one would LOVE to see it.

I think I'm probably one of the few behind him that has such a huge yen for these toys.  Although I do like prewar stuff as well.  The Green City Of Denver on top is probably my favorite.  

Devastation collection!  Please send more pics!


PS If you are a TCA member... James Hall's wonderful collection was also in the TCA Magazine this month.  James has one of the nicest collections in the toy train world as well, probably the largest McCoy collection anywhere!  Check out the magazine (which should have arrived world wide by now).

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