Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nov 3rd and Dec 8th 2012 NETTE Auctions

My collection and Pat Rolland's is coming at ya via Live Auctioneers on Nov. 3rd and Dec. 8, 2012.  Here is the URL:

Like I said, watch NETTE for some rare and cool standard gauge....



Anonymous said...

I got your 11 window Jimmy #9
The jimmy freight cars
And the JLM granddaddy #5

These pieces are going into good hands

I've been looking for the JLM 5 for a while



Anonymous said...

Hey Marc.

I am a happy proud owner of 2 Jimmy Cohen 1912's and a Pride lines #3 from this auction. Were they yours? Is there a story behind them? I was wondering if the 1912's were yours and if you obtained them direct from Mr Cohen. They are fantastic, and I really enjoyed your posts and interviews with these guys.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Yes, those were all mine. I purchased the 1912's directly from Jim. He made them for me specifically. Thus you are the second owner of original items. They should run extremely well, I ran them all of maybe 2 times!

Anonymous said...

i bought your 38 and the orange cars and the maroon flaking 1912 which almost looked like a repainted 1912 i have original 1912 of my own just wanted a cohen to compare to my original i also bought the 384 385 and a few other items CF mining loco and cars was the loco running when you had it? its not performing for me like my 2 others i have

Anonymous said...

i bought the maroon 1912 that was flaking like crazy i own an original 1912 and wanted to compare it, i also bought the 38 and the orange cars which was a set originally, the 384 385 and the CF mining loco and cars and the 2oo series green based light car. did the cf loco run for you?