Wednesday, November 29, 2006

About a Gazzillion Auctions...

Ok, so there aren't gazillions of auctions. Maybe 3 or 4 really good one's. Here's a nice pic of a really nice bit of power for any layout (Christmas included).

I've seen a few posts on the forums about powering layouts. Something you need to remember: not all trains are AC. Some are DC. Quite a few of the really old one's are DC. Most of the newer transformers are AC. So when an old engine just sits there and buzzes at you.... Don't say I didn't warn ya!

On Dec. 17 (my Brother's Birthday) there's the Westchester, NY Train show... That's actually a pretty good show most of the time. it isn't cheap but they do have a decent selection and walking around that big old county center is kind of fun.

I've been frustrated a bit lately. Quite a few folks are reading the blog but almost nobody is contributing. I was reading an old TTOS bulletin with a very long article that was an interview with Louis Hertz. One thing you could say about him; he was knowledgable and he was very giving with the knowledge or thoughts he had.

I need everyone not to hoard their knowledge, thoughts, pictures of layouts, whatever. Send me your Christmas layout pics, your general layout pics. If you have a favorite train, take a digital picture and send it. If you don't have a camera I have about 10 disposable cameras in my basement. I'll send it to you, take the pics, send it back to me, I'll get the pics developed and post them!

Come on folks, I have been at this for two years and I can count the contributors to the blog on two hands. This isn't the old days. Heck, I work for a company that makes digital cameras. Email me and I promise I will get you a discount on them. I just got a great one for 135 bucks! 7 megapixel, really cool.

If Bobby "Bacala" can play with trains, so can you! Contribute! (Yep, he is my favorite Soprano's character).

"It would be a crying shame to see this blog have an "accident" while it is walking across the tracks (if ya know what I mean)"

Hypothetically speaking of course.


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