Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy November!!

Happy November! Ok, it's that time of the year again. The tree is going up soon, the track is getting stacked in the living room and den instead of the attic or basement and we're thinking about trains.

There's a ton of great shows, eBay has standard gauge that doesn't suck and the auctions are numerous. The catalogs are out (and definitely not a disappointment I might add).

There's a whole bunch of newbies running wild on the O gauge forums talking about which MTH item they're going to buy first and on and on.

It's a nice time to play with toy trains. I just had the carpet on my stairs cleaned on the way up to my train room and when I tell you it's a mess, I'm not doing the word justice.

My problem is that I have a limited amount of room, I've tried to straddle back how much stuff I buy and I've started to play with the items I have and I still have just made a huge mess.

Oh yes, the picture caught my eye from an old TTOS Bulletin. It's of some scratchbuilt items. With all of the pictures of Clem's "Stomper" going up I thought everyone might get a kick out of these scratchbuilt items from 30 years ago. I'll post some more later; I just thought these were kind of neat.


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