Sunday, November 05, 2006

Long before eBay....

In the days of yore, long before eBay, people went to "meets" where they purchased standard gauge toy trains cars. The cars were "less than perfect". But that was ok.

Because what the cars became was something else. Again, the above is from an old TTOS bulletin from 31 years ago. The interesting thing is that these cars are still affordable and get-able 24 hours a day on our favorite global flea market (eBay).

Heck, these are some damn nice interurbans. I have decided that I am going to peruse some train shows and the like and make myself one of these. I have at least a dozen cars that merit Interurban capability.

You have to admit these are pretty cool. I've been geeking about these since I saw them.


PS Definitions are in order - "Geeking" from the Urban Dictionary -

Overly excited about a simple thing; excited about something that most people would not find exciting.

Example: I'm totally geeking that I won that bean grinder on eBay.

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Anonymous said...


Do you have any old paper work on how to build an interburban like this? If so could you please post them?