Thursday, October 23, 2008

AF's Handsome Wide Gauge Flying Colonel

A friend asked to see photos of my American Flyer Flying Colonel set that I posted about yesterday, so here they are. You can click on the photos to enlarge them as always. I believe that the Flying Colonel was introduced in 1928 but catalogued only in 1929. It is a scarce set that always brings a premium, probably because it was not produced in the same numbers as other AF Wide gauge sets. The photos don't really do it justice because they don't show the beauty of the deep blue colors that this set is painted. I used to think that the Rolls Royce Blue 1928 President's Special set was the prettiest AF Wide gauge set. But now I like this handsome Flying Colonel set most of all. It is noteworthy that MTH reproduced this set.


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Andre Fredrickson said...

Nice photos! I'm a fan of train set and yours are really cool. Wish I could have them too...