Sunday, June 27, 2010

Connecticut Antique Machinery Association

As you've probably figured out by now, I'm a guy that gets out in the world and gets around....ALOT.

This weekend was absolutely no exception. In this case, I went to an amazing Car and Air show in New Milford, CT. The show is called "Wheels and Wings 2010". It's really great, it's a small show with a ton of classic cars and small planes. The airport is essentially a really long stretch of field and grass nestled between two mountains. It was fairly hot however the show was stellar. Be glad to post some pics if anyone likes.

My kids and I started wandering around and I saw a really cool locomotive off on the side of the road (last one in this post). I HAD TO STOP.

I wasn't disappointed and as per usual, my wandering was heavily rewarded. The Connecticut Antique Machinery Association is completely amazing! They have antique tractors, trains, agricultural equipment and even a steam motorcycle! Apparently they have a huge show that is well attended and is supposed to be excellent. The site of the museum also has the Connecticut Museum of Mining and Mineral Science (as you can see from the mining items below). This is a very small but very, very high quality museum. The deals on gems and rocks were the best I have ever seen, bar none.

Now what does this have to do with trains? Well, take a look at some of the items below. Look familiar? I took quite a few pics of the mining trains and they have a distinct resemblance to the Carlisle and Finch mining trains. And those locos and cars I've seen in Tinplate before as well. The point is that it is enlightening to see prototypes, largely because it debunks the whole "creative license was taken with the toy". Maybe so, maybe there is a bit of creative license, however when you look at these items, maybe there is less than we think. Regardless, I love seeing prototypes and I am definintely going back! If you are in CT, there are 3 train museums, 2 well known trolley museums and littler museums like this and none of them will be a disappointment.


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