Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back to Standard Gauge Trains...

I promised my buddy Captain Joe I'd post some pictures of the new Pride Lines Mickey Mouse Train I just picked up. Trust me folks, realism isn't why you are looking at my layout (The Kuff Kuff Shortline).

I figured Mickey and Marx go together. I shot a movie as well that I have yet to get into Youtube. Hopefully you can settle for the pictures now. These Marx Mercury's are wonderful, they make quite a racket and rumble around this Lionel track wonderfully. I could probably leave this running all day on the O gauge loop and it would probably go without a hitch (and stink up the place in the process).

I'll post a few more pics of the Mickey train. It really is pretty wonderful. Absolutely gorgeous art on this thing, just when you think you've seen the coolest train....


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