Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dorfan Goodness

Ok, nobody seemed interested in me posting pictures, so I posted them anyway. I went to Strasburg and saw everthing that had to do with trains 2 weekends ago. I already want to go back.

I spent a ton of time at the National Toy Train Museum. Man, I love that place. I saw so many trains that I've never seen before. It's hard for me to take them all in. It was hard to drag myself out of there. I really would love to live much closer to Lancaster, PA. It's just such beautiful country and it has so much history and stuff to do and see. Check out the pics, if you like them, I have about 200 more I can post.



Mike Miller said...

I make it a point to go to Strasburg at least twice a year.

Mike Miller said...

I really enjoy this display section. :-)


Brian Miller said...

More pictures please! I am trying to get to Pennsylvania this fall and want to see Strassburg and the TCA museum. More pictures would help to determine how much time to allot for each activity.

scd1950 said...

Love the pictures. The Children,s Museum of Indianapolis has a Great Collection. Was there a few years back, would love to see it again.