Thursday, July 15, 2010

I guess I must be gettng noticed!

Folks, please remember, this is (as far as I know), the only Standard Gauge Blog. I recently was pelted with a couple of email notes for "automated updates" from the standard gauge blog (which the site already does). When I went out to check, someone had created a "ghost" of my website.

This was an attempt to get web traffic at my expense. Now for me, I don't do this for money, I do it because I like trains. However when I get redirected to a website that asks me about "Diabetic Nursing Supplies, Information on the Celtic Cross and Snorting Xanax" I have to believe that someone is attempting to use my name and blog as a money making resource.

I know times are tough but man, is that lame. This is about trains, a little bit about antiques and nostalgia and nothing to do with Xanax. So this is still the Standard Gauge Blog, this is not about the Celtic Cross (although I do watch stuff about it on the History Channel) and don't fall for any crap on the world wide web.


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