Monday, July 05, 2010

SGMA Baltimore TCA 2010

Wow, check out this Youtube of the wonderful SGMA showing in Baltimore! I have got to get to some shows and do some volunteering for the SGMA! These guys really are the best of the best. I did enjoy the N&W J and the Big Boy. I am guessing they are probably from Arno's collection? It's one of the reasons we have to encourage the manufacturers to do some "out of box" thinking. Lionel Classics are great but these two engines are really a sight. Hopefully we'll hear where the next SGMA gathering will be soon....

Thanks again guys, great job as always.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Marc- Love the Blog! At approx 9:04 into the SGMA video at TCA Baltimore one can see what looks like a 390E but with 6 drivers instead of 4. I presume this is a custom job but thought i would ask if you have any additional info. Keep up the great work! regards, Marc M.