Monday, July 05, 2010

A real Bascule Bridge

Just hanging around Mystic, CT. for the 4th of July weekend and I had a chance to grab a clip of the Bascule Bridge operating. Built in 1922, this thing is near silent and runs as smooth as glass. It's amazing from the inside as well as I walked across it several times. Trust me, when you see these things really up close they are marvels of engineering and steel.

By the way, Mystic is an awesome seaport town. If you want a solid destination for a weekend getaway or just a great place to hang, this is it.


PS The retards in the kayaks made it difficult for the bridge operator to actually start raising the bridge after the whistle blew. I guess hitting the bridge with your paddle is a sign of good luck for a challenged kayaking tourist...

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scd1950 said...

Your right, a GREAT place. Been on the bridge also. Nice down town, lots of little shops. We would eat at the Cove Fish Market, which I think is in Stonington.