Thursday, March 03, 2005

Cool eBay Bridge

I grabbed a new bridge off of eBay. I don't have one of these and I think I can run some trains across it a little faster than one with approaches. I seem to remember this bridge in green.....

I like the paint on it (old and krinkly). It reminds me of some of the bridges in NJ and NY. i think I am going to have to clean up the track on it though. There's also some rust on the bottom (not too bad though).

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Anonymous said...

These Lionel 280 bridges are nice. I have one of them in light green on my high line. I'm looking for another because I need a double span. Like many of the other lionel bridges these were originally sold as singles, doubles and triples.

Jim Kelly

Gilbert Ives said...

4 March
I tried to do this in one long post but all was deleted so here goes -- a bit at a time....

RE: MTH Wish-List
Think they could sell hundreds, or a few thousand singles, doubles, triples, ramps. Would like to see ALL done.

Gilbert Ives said...

Wonderful Dreyfuss Hudson by Roberts at Allentown Spring Thaw last weekend. One of five -- $5,000!!! Said he would be at York. Look for it.

Gilbert Ives said...


Dreyfus 20th-Century Limited
Empire State Express
Lehigh Valley Black Diamond/John Wilkes [using hudson chassis modified to pacific]
"new" freight cars with un-streamlined hudson or pacific

Gilbert Ives said...


cast-iron IVES 1134 with green passenger cars ['27]
more IVES freights (even though TCA gurus pronounce them "terrible")
500-series freights in IVES colors
Dorfan freights
IVES lights, platforms, stations, etc.
simple mechanical accessories -- perhaps a gate crossing?
128 Newsstand in sheet metal
Flyer station [cardboard OK, metal litho MUCH BETTER]
Rich-Art Hiawatha [who owns tooling?]
Burlington Zephyr
almost any other streamliner
EVERYTHING in that LEE Lines catalogue!
[and I haven't mentioned any Europeans like Carette, Bing, Marklin...]

Gilbert Ives said...


I WANT that track system developed for Lionel but then cancelled. Don't care who makes it or how it's labeled... surely an improved track system would appeal to many Standard Gauge operators!

Gilbert Ives said...

6 March

RE: manufacturers

ACE Trains is an established tinplate producer that might possibly be interested in producing Standard Gauge items. Tinplate is their only business, rather than a sideline, and they keep bringing out truly new products instead of reissues.