Monday, March 21, 2005

What's next for MTH?

So York is on the way and MTH is rolling out their big catalog. Any ideas on the standard gauge they might put in the catalog?

Ya know, it's kind of funny, one half of me is hoping they have something that I'd really like; a 390E in Blue Comet Colors and a nice green and orange stripe 390E would be great. I know they have the capability to make them because they made the 390E for the Lionel Classics line.

The other side of me hopes that the catalog has re-treads like the Ready to Run catalog. Nice stuff but not for me. It usually grows on me after I see it at a show or on eBay 50 times. But it saves me tremendous amounts of money to have things I DON'T like in the catalog.

The plain truth is that I'm just out of room and I need to really focus on fixing some of my classic standard gauge stuff. I want to start building my layout and I am really tired of dredging major amounts of cash on this stuff. I know, I am an insane collector that sneaks tons of stuff in my house. All that being said, I am getting near hanging my last shelf because my attic is stuffed to the gills. I really want to just run my stuff and my little house doesn't have enough room to let the standard gauge beauties get out and stretch their legs.

Ok, now that you know I am mildly insane, what are some creative and clever ways you all store your standard gauge? Any thoughts on new items in the catalog?

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Anonymous said...

I don't have any MTH SG yet. I will add my first piece when I receive the TCA special motorized crane car. This I could not resist because I love things that are motorized and this is the first ever motorized piece of standard gauge rolling stock. I am collecting the MTH tinplate catalogs. They are fun to look at and I admire the production. However, I simply have no room for any more stuff. I use "Trainshelf" extruded aluminum shelves by Dick Wachtman for display. My walls are full. Like Marc, I have a backlog of classic standard gauge stuff that needs fixing. Unlike Marc, I do have a layout with four tracks so I can run trains. So it's time now to fix what needs fixing, and run what I have, and enjoy watching others add to their collections. I'll churn some of what I have from time to time, but hopefully no more additions!

Jim Kelly

Anonymous said...

Well, you're not alone. I don't have a layout either. But if you do build a layout, plan it so you can pack all those train boxes underneath it. That's what takes up all the space. I do use boxes that measure about 24" x 16" x 12" to store all the items that are not on display (very little room for that right now). But these boxes can hold a number of items in them. It works well for all the McCoy, CMC, etc. that I tend to collect. Plus the boxes are a uniform size so the stack well and are easy to access.


Standard Gauge Blogger said...

I'm having some trouble when it comes to the layout. My house was built in 1897 and the hardwood floors are original.

I had the one in the attic redone, so covering it up is almost a sin. The floor is as nice as the trains and is older than any of them.

I will put some of my stuff under the benchwork I guess but I'd rather have it out where I can see it, kind of like the hardwood floor that is 108 years old and looks incredible.

I don't know, I'm just making this up as I go along. I know I can't have everything but if I don't dream big, who will?