Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What the heck happened to Pride Lines?

At one point, Pridelines was producting some nice stuff. They produced huge numbers of trolleys, the Ives 1764, Stations, Terraces. Some very nice (and very, very long) O gauge streamliners that I used to see at trainshows here on the East Coast almost every week leading up to Christmas.

I guess they are still selling stuff because their website is still up but nothing new has been added in well over a year. I have heard that their owner is having some health problems. I am curious, what's going on there? Does anyone know? Are they making enough off of manoil figures and cars to stay in business?

I guess what got me thinking about it was seeing that glass domed Ives station on out eBay. The asking price is much too high but the station is very nice, I think it was probably one of the nicest things Pridelines ever produced. Any thoughts?


PS Has anyone heard anything about T-Reproductions? What happened to Norm Thomas, is he going to produce anything else? I saw some very nasty stuff about him on the AOL boards. Chapter 11 and such....


Thomas Deater Jr said...

I saw the Mini terrace last weekend for O guage. It looks neat.

Interesting thread. It got me wondering if Rich-Art is still producing anything. I am desperately looking for the SG version of their Toonerville Trolley.

Gilbert Ives said...


They were out with a large display at Allentown First Frost [Nov. '04] but were not at Spring Thaw [Feb. '05] -- though they were listed on the map, so planned to attend. They're always at York. We'll see next month.


Call Dick Mayer -- he's in TCA Directory.
Hopefully Barry [MEW] will be bringing some new production to April York.