Sunday, March 06, 2005

Dorfan Car on eBay

I really have grown to like Dorfan standard gauge. With all of the talk on the standard gauge groups and new MTH Product that has come out, I really have become interested.

Then this car pops up. There are two out on eBay. I posted the link above. The thing I love about standard gauge is how I am constantly suprised. I never thought a mix of black and grey would yield an intereting passenger car. Yes, I am familiar with New York Central and how nice passenger cars look in NYC paint. But this thing kind of caught me off guard.

Yes, I know there is no likely prototype for this, although the paint on this is so darn compelling (as is the color scheme "Floridian" on other Dorfan sets) that it really caught my eye. Has anyone seen the entire set?

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Anonymous said...

The advantage of this particular series of Dorfan cars is the steel trucks. On the higher end series, the ones with the little cast people in the windows, the trucks are cast metal and almost always crumbling. I have a couple of beautiful Dorfan sets that I'd love to run but can't because the trucks are shot. I have seen the MTH Floridian cars. They are indeed pretty but at almost $500 for the set I'll have to add them to my wish list for now.

Jim Kelly