Thursday, April 07, 2005

From the HF Museum Steam Collection

Dumbfounding steam. I was just dumbstruck when I saw a steam engine this large. Granted, the articulated loco is mind bendingly huge, but these things served a single purpose and did it well.

Incidentally, here's an interesting story.

You ever watch that show "Will and Grace"? On occassion I have to because my wife watches it (ain't it always the way it works). The humor kind of gets old after a while (just gimme some popcorn and a couple of "I love Lucy" episodes). Anyway, the building they show all the time on Will and Grace is the Puck Building on Houston in lower Manhattan. It's used in quite a few shows, it really is a beautiful building.

A buddy of mine used to work in the Puck Building. I was there for a meeting with him and a few of his colleagues; after the meeting he told me he wanted to show me something I might be interested in.

In the basement of the Puck Building, there is a full (very similar to the above) Steam Powerplant! The actual belts are off the wheels but it looks like it was shut off yesterday. It's in very nice shape. I don't know if anyone can still get down there but it is just awesome to see.

Something to consider; my buddy told me that the steam generator in the basement of the Puck Building (now, don't quote me because I have NO idea if this is true or not) powered much of lower Manhattan. Just think, that steam generator that still exists today had very likely powered the first Lionel manufacturing area.....

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ps They have a ballroom there that is like something right out of the 30's. Definitely worth a look if you can get to it.

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