Saturday, April 23, 2005

Tin @ MGM at Disney

MGM is probably my favorite part of the park. The architecture is phenomenal and I do like the sense of nostalgia. They have great old cars everywhere and a bunch of neat little suprises. I have two favorite areas, one is the animation area and the other is the biographical area of Walt Disney.

The tinplate above is in the Walt Disney, One Man's Dream attraction. It is really a great attraction for us older folks because it has a wonderful show area and it really does have a nice biography of how the man thought.

But further, it had some of his feelings on trains (toys and real). Yes, I know there are some great books on Walt's feelings about trains (I have them) but it is really kind of nice to go the park and see some of the stuff in action.

I gotta tell ya, the Monorail, even after all these years is just something else. It's shiny and fast and comfortable. I'll see if I can find some of the Monorail pics I took. If you haven't been to Disney, just the Monorail makes it worth the trip. There are trains in all of the parks in some form or fashion. Obviously the Magic Kingdom has a straight tourist train and so does Amimal Kingdom.

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