Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bill Krames Gauge 1 Layout

I was gazing at this and wondering what happened to this amazing layout. If I had seen this before standard gauge, I would probably be a Gauge 1 Collector.

This train room and this collection is just amazing. Now just imagine the huge difference color digital photography has made in our lives (and it only took 40 years to get there!). Still, even in black and white, this panorama is awe inspiring.

How fitting that a founding member of the TCA have one of the most glorious layouts ever. I liked Ward Kimball's collection but it just doesn't hold a candle to this. Did anyone reading this actually get to see this?



aprochek said...

I do believe Ward Kimball purchased Bill Krames collection - certainly a fair amount if not the entire thing.

Anonymous said...

I ran that layout as a youngster! "Uncle Bill" was my father's uncle (& my favorite relative growing up). That room was built for that layout in about 1963. I was enlisted when he died & always wonder what happened to his collection.

The upper-left corner of the layout was raised & a different gauge, slightly smaller I believe.

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