Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Thundering Herd

I was looking in some old TCA Quarterly's and I found this one from 1965. It is really something.

Anyone that lives on the East Coast has heard of Fred Ziegler. He probably had the largest collection of 402's and 408's ever. Grab this picture and blow it up.

Rumor has it that Fred used to run all of these 402's and 408's along with a whole bunch of TCA'ers and a keg of beer. I have never been to a train house where we also consumed a keg of beer simultaneously! Probably why so many trains were wrecked in the early days (you thought it was boys lighting them on fire and jumping them over Plasticville houses!).

Also, check out the collection of cabooses Fred has on the top shelf. Talk about top shelf cabooses!

Ya just dont' see this kind of thing anymore, it really kind of hit me when I was looking at this old Quarterly. It got me thinking.... Running trains is much better than acquiring them.

Check out some of the other pics.


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