Saturday, October 22, 2005

Nov. Stout Auction

The Stout Auction is up! Don't miss checking out this auction!!! It has a ton of very cool standard gauge. It's kind of mixed in with all the Postwar stuff but that's ok.

Makes me feel like I am rummaging through a box under a table at the St. Vincent's show at Elmont.

The sets! The 10 Interuban! The Ives 1 Gauge!

Hey, I also noticed CTT (Classic Toy Trains) is issuing a 100th Anniversary of Standard Gauge. I'm kind of looking forward to it. Most of the Classic Toy Trains Mags are pre-occupied with current production and postwar stuff so I'll be interested to see how they cover standard gauge.

More coming! I've doing some research. I've got found some interesting stuff on Pridelines. Seems as they are closing up shop soon and they WILL be missed!


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