Monday, October 24, 2005

Tom Sefton Circa 1977

I'm going to start discussing layouts more and more. This layout is probably one of the nicest I have seen (besides Bill Krames' 1 Gauge Layout).

By the way, I know most of the Krames items were sold to Ward Kimball. I liked Ward's layout but I think I really liked the way Bill had his train room decked out even better. Everyone is nostalgic for Grizzly Flats (including me).

Here is Tom Sefton's layout long before the museum bore his name. It was started in 1960 and had 630 feet of track in 1977. I guess we really missed some of the glory days of collecting. I've heard stories from some of Tom's friends on how he acquired items. All above board and very gentlemanly mind you but those were the days when Comet sets were had for $15 a car and Lionel Trolley's were found in attics and whole lots of Pre WW I toys were bought for $25.

Still, this is a glorious layout. Click on it to blow it up.


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