Friday, April 07, 2006

#199 Layout

Why did I put this layout out there? There's one on eBay right now. Yes, I know the pictured isn't the same as the one on eBay. I still like it.

This proves that standard gauge packs a punch even in a small space.

Since I have seen so much benchwork discussion on the groups, I also thought that I would show off the simplest benchwork that also gets some of the nicest results.

A few other things that have been on my mind: Check out the new Tinplate Times. I loved Mike Isenberg's article on the 114 station. The patience that man has! The station is absolutely glorious; I wish there was a comparable model of the first Grand Central. I am referring to the one Commodore Vanderbilt built when steam was still allowed in New York City. The only station I have seen that is close is one of those old Marklin one's that go for $40,000 everytime they are auctioned.

I also really, really enjoyed the Orange Show Model trains. Yes, I know they aren't standard gauge but what a find they are! I was wondering about the mechanics of reverse engineering them? They were made before the age of plastic and I would be very interested to see their inner workings.

I've also been looking at the O Gauge Watch Blog. Really a nice job. To be honest, much of the O gauge world is like hitting snooze for me at 5 am. I know I'll see and hear it again in 15 minutes and I'll still be annoyed. But this guy has a talent for writing and a knack for putting links in the right places. He also hones in on some really nice train related items. Honestly, it's a brilliant site and I often think that if CTT were doing their job, this would be what their site should look like.

Ok, now to my site; I've been slacking off lately. Actually, the computer world and my job has kept me pretty busy lately but it has also given me some time to daydream. Typically this is done in any one of many important meetings.

I also bought (with my meager paycheck) a couple of neat Cohen 2 7/8 gauge pieces. I say this because of the story around them. My wife knows my paycheck has been sucking wind lately so when a box showed up, she was naturally irritated and curious. After she left for work I quickly unpacked the items and precariously placed them along with the other loads of stuff on my desk. A small inventory of my desk:

CD's with data on them.
CD's with music on them.
5 2 7/8 gauge trains.
10 PDA's.
1 Flat Panel.
100 pieces of paper with really important things on them.
50 unopended bills.
Catalogs, advertisements and general standard gauge stuff.
Parts and pieces to trains, computers and so on.
A mickey mouse clock.
More Lionel advertising from the 20's and 30's.
A Dept. 56 Train Store.
A Tiffany lamp
Stuff from my job and bills I plan to look at in 2007.

Ok, with that said, the trains were safely upstairs, my wife came home from work and my wife said "What was in the box?" Think Marc, think....

"Porn I bought on eBay." It just popped out. I had no excuse she hasn't heard before.

I thought that would disgust her and make her want to run in the other direction. She gave me a face and came back 10 minutes later; "Nobody sends you porn in a heavily packed box with $30 worth of postage on it." "This was rare Indian porn." The hole was dug and I was driving my leased vehicle straight down to hell.

"Ok, I bought a train". "That's what I thought" she said. "By the way, can you pay my Macy's bill?" said my wife. The road to hell is paved with 2 7/8 gauge track, not good intentions.


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