Thursday, April 13, 2006

Standard Gauge Modules

Here is one of Kirk's recent posts on the Modules. I liked it so I posted it. Have fun at York!!

Hi Guys-

This is what it is all about! I assembled three prototype modules using Sievers Benchwork for the frame and legs. This establishes the critical dimensions but does NOT prevent anyone from building compatible modules using good quality lumber. I would suggest we all paint the frames and legs the same color (flat black?).

The Sievers Benchwork is constructed of clear nominal 1x4 boards (actually 3/4" x 3 1/2"). There are 1/4" holes every 4" (measured from the front edge), and 1/4" holes every 4" on the front and back. These will be used to connect the modules to each other and the legs to the frames with 1/4" bolts, fender washers and wing nuts. They could also be used to attach a decorative skirt or plexiglass shield if desired. There are also 3/4" holes centered between the 1/4" holes on both ends and in the cross braces that can be used for wire conduits. All holes are exactly in the center of the 1 x 4 boards.

For a flat top carpeted module of the kind shown here, 1/2" plywood was glued to the top of the frame and commonly available commercial carpeting was glued to the plywood top. Completely covering the plywood is Baylink Varsity brand Emerald Green (#3788) carpet, with strips of Baylink Varsity brand Smoke Grey (#3830) carpet representing ballast. In my opinion it looks great! A careful look at the picture labeled Vertical dimensions shows the 1/4" bolt holes centered 2 1/4" below the top of the plywood, and 3 1/4" below the top of the rail ( the combined height of the two layers of carpet and the track is 1"). Modules with full scenery can be made to mate easily with the flat top modules if desired. With the leg levelers in the middle of their adjustment range, the top of the track is at 42 1/2".

Sievers Benchwork Arrives at 11:00 am

Sievers Parts Sorted 11:15 am

More in the next post....


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