Saturday, April 15, 2006

Modules, Catalogs and other stuff...

I think I'm going to lay off the module pics, Kirk posted them on the forums and I don't really want to replicate the bandwidth plus work that has already been done.

This new MTH catalog is driving me nuts. I'd love to know where the post is where I can see its' contents. I wish I understood MTH's method to their madness with this "sort of" weekend release/York/After York showing.

I am kicking myself as I would really like to go to York next weekend. I always get stuck with one thing or another. Last year it was a wedding, this year it is family in town. I am beginning to think there is a family conspiracy to deprive me of trains that I can't afford! In the spirit of Passover I implore my family: Let my people go!

Wouldn't you just love to see that red (or maybe orange) engine on the left produced in standard gauge? Heck I might even settle for O gauge! If I see one more rendition of the GG1 I think I am going to yak up a hairball that looks like Raymond Loewy. I wish I had a little voodoo doll of the train manufacturer's management. I wouldn't hurt them or anything but I would travel into New York City or Boston once a week and prop up the dolls in historical stations where they could soak up the creativity and history that went along with amazing trains. Maybe then they'd stop recreating the same stuff over and over again.

Speaking of some cool new trains, I was leaving a meeting the other day on Hudson Street in Jersey City, NJ and saw quite a few New Jersey Light Rail Trolleys rolling along. I know this was a difficult project for New Jersey but this is a really nice line. Check out their website at: I'll tell you what caught my eye - they just created a new paint scheme. I didn't have my camera but the trolleys look really nice. Definitely a strong candidate for a standard gauge model. There are some strict rules about taking pics of the trolleys but I will see if there are any ways I can snap a few without getting a ticket or worse.

While on the subject of trolleys: one of my readers put me on to a Toonerville collectors club. I wrote the editor and he sent me a couple of newsletters. I am mailing my dues to him next week. The newsletter is really very sharp and there are some special offers on Toonerville toys. These are really nice toys (not junk). I will post the whole brochure for the club in the next few days. I am excited about joining this club, I've already learned some things about Fontaine Fox I definitely didn't know. It makes collecting and learning about these items very, very interesting. As soon as I can get near a scanner and an SD card (without pictures on it), I will get the info posted.

I hope you and your families have a wonderful Easter and Passover!


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Gilbert Ives said...

List of items posted at O-gauge forum [tinplate]. 392's in plain & fancy dress. Lots of 0-tinplate, too.