Saturday, April 08, 2006

Say it ain't so...

Paul Wasserman saw this on eBay and I just had to post it. Everyone on the Yahoo Groups is getting a decent chuckle (and rightfully so). The seller is claiming it is a nice set in good condition and is calling it by the incorrect naming/nomenclature.

As per usual, a seller that knows exactly zero about toys and trains is yet again implying that this "rare" set in excellent condition is worth millions (I am exaggerating but the concept is the same). I won't dwell on this too long because we already know that 1) the set sucks. 2) it is in rancid condition and is not worth what they are asking. 3) it is highly probable the seller knows nothing about trains. It might be a fun restoration project and the whole set is probably worth $75 to $100 at most.

Ok, having said that, there has to be some amazing new Java based technology that corrects silly eBay posts. Come on, enough knowledgable folks have posted on eBay, there has to be a knowledge base out there to know what really sucks and what doesn't. There has to be some software that will look at all of the descriptions based on similar wording and can optically compare the pics and make some judgement calls.

Or are some buyers and some sellers just destined to be clueless forever?


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