Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Built Rite Structures

I was perusing some 1970's era TTOS Bulletins and I saw these buildings. They are quite a departure from the old Lionel bungalows and stations.

It's likely that most of the folks that chuck these out on eBay aren't going to know what they are or their signficance.

I am always curious what a company like this has in its' archives. They were obviously creative because they had designed some aestheticly pleasing structures in aan already competitive marketplace. Marx was very strong as well as Lionel and Flyer. As the article states, based on the Marx set in the picture these were probably produced in 1938 to 1942.

I can't remember (I have to look back) but I seem to remember Marx coming out with some interesting loading docks and stations for freight as well.


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