Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Whole New Gauge For Me

I've somehow stumbled into Lionel 2-7/8" gauge. It was nothing I planned; it just sort of happened. I won an auction, and so now I have this whole new area to explore and learn about.

I've been doing a lot of reading about 2-7/8" gauge. Most of the reference books on standard gauge have chapters on 2-7/8" gauge. I've glanced at this material in the past but I never really paid much attention to this area because I didn't think I'd ever get into this stuff. The originals are rare and expensive, and even the reproductions are costly and somewhat scarce. And, then there's the whole question of layout space if you want to run this big stuff.

The track is a whole other matter. It's not readily available (is it?), and I suspect it's tricky to assemble, not really child's play. I can see how the move to three-rail tubular track was necessary. Yesterday, I built this display stand for my first 2-7/8" piece. I made a quick trip to home depot for a piece of scrap oak, some scrap steel, and some wood to make ties out of. I think it turned out pretty good.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,
Hope this reaches you in time. There is a 2 7/8" #100 for sale on Ebay I thought you might want to check out. I found it searching under "Lionel O". The auction ends tonight around 8pm EST

Bruce Webster

Anonymous said...


I just added two Jim Cohen repo, a jail car and a derrick, to the MTH wooden gondola. I also picked up one of Jim's bodges. You are not the only one to get the 2 7/8ths bug. All these were bought on E-Bay. Enjoy your new piece. I like the display stand you build. How did you cut the steel for the rails?


Jim Kelly said...

Patrick...great on the new additions....>I saw those go and I really like the derrick. The rails are made of 5/8" band steel used to wrap plywood...cut with shears. BTW I´m in Buenos Aires ...nice and warm down here!