Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Our TCA Library

Humm..., did they make this in Standard gauge or just in 0 gauge? I'll bet you know the answer.

What we have here is the cover of the October, 1992 Train Collector's Quarterly. I ordered a copy of this issue from Jan at the TCA's library because this issue contains an article that I found very helpful in my current research on early Lionel. The article, penned by old timer Max Knoecklein (64-1079) focuses on the discovery of what is believed to be the 1901 Lionel catalog. At the time of the 1992 article, this was thought to be the oldest Lionel catalog known, however, since then an even older catalog has surfaced, discovered by former TCA president Paul Wassermann, which he believes dates from 1900. Digging around doing some detective work with these documents is interesting. We're fortunate to have the TCA library, staffed by a really helpful librarian named Jan. Send her an email and she will try her best to answer your questions and provide whatever back issues or photocopies you require.


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