Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

I know of only one collection (James) that has one of these. Everyone that coulda shoulda woulda bought one of these when they were offered probably wishes they had.

I wonder how many would get sold at 75 bucks today?

I like this. It's simple, straightforward and just plain cute. I'd like it (believe it or not) to look more like the Lionel Mickey and Mini handcar. Yes, I know Pridelines made a standard gauge Mickey handcar. It is really nice and goes for a ton of cash on eBay and the like. I just think that the above is ALOT of toy for 75 bucks. And I know from looking on eBay that anyone that bought this for 75 bucks definitely got their $$$ back. I like simple and this fits the bill: it will warm up any train table on a cold wintery day.

What else did George Templin make?


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kbeard said...

where did you get the catalog picture?