Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Granddaddy #6

I've seen a substantial amount of discussion/chatter about the Granddaddy #6. To buy, not to buy, why would anyone want one, etc, etc..

This is one slick little engine. I saw the early flavor at the METCA show. Joe's booth was broken up into three areas. He had a circle of 2 7/8, an oval of Standard Gauge with a display of 10 series cars and early locos and a circle of C&F 2 inch track with a Carlisle and Finch mining train rolling around. Needless to say I was interested in just about everything.

But this was striking. It made me wonder what the original looked like when it was new. I think that this is a fitting engine to get reproduced for the 100th anniversary of standard gauge.

I also really enjoy (this is going to sound strange) running engines with thin rim wheels. It seems like the process for the wheels to turn makes the motor do more work. The sound thin rims make seems to be a bit different than thick rims as well.

Initially I thought that a #6 missing the front trucks would look kind of strange however it doesn't. I seem to remember that Lionel produced some O gauge gear (the 156 engine comes to mind) with sets of trucks and eventually removed them. I seem to recall them not tracking properly, especially through switches. I wonder if that's why the initial Lionel prototype didn't have trucks or if JLC just didn't want to initially spend the extra cash to stamp them out?

If you do order this engine, I would consider dropping Joe a line and see if you can purchase some of his 10 series cars. I'll post some pictures of them. I can't think of anything that would be better to pull behind this engine (feel free to post any ideas).


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