Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some Carlisle & Finch

Check out the pics of Joe Mania's new C&F mining train. It is a very accurate reproduction and the various stages of development Joe has in his display is really something to be seen. What's really neat is the sound this wonderful little train makes when it rolls around the track.

The dry cell batteries are for show, they aren't real and they are there for just looks. And they look really cool.

Joe says he is thinking about selling these as sets (the cars and the little engines). I always wonder what Carlisle and Finch had on their drawing board. I wonder if it they could have continued producing toys for the next 20 or 30 years what they would have looked like. We'll never know but Joe's reproductions are wonderful, accurate and unique.


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alex said...

Marc, in fact we know what Carlisle and Finch would have done about 20 years after they folded because they made some prototypes. They made an atlantic steamer, Burlington zephyr looking thing, and freight and passenger cars. The car are cast aluminum, the zephyr either all cast or part cast and part extruded, and the atlantic looks similar to a lionel 395. They are shown in Greenburg/Graham Claytor's book on Finch/Dorfan/Hafner