Monday, September 24, 2007

Joe Mania at METCA

Boy was I glad to see Joe at METCA. It was great to see his amazing set up of the toys he builds so well. If you ever want affirmation that you've picked the right hobby, go spend 5 minutes with Joe at his table.

He's a true craftsman when it comes to toy trains. I'm going to break up Joe's area into different parts. There were a few new arrivals there that I hadn't thought I would see at the METCA meet. Let's start with the best and brightest 2 7/8 gauge made in the USA!

It was great seeing all of these models in one place at a show. The Converse Trolley on the table is just the nicest version of the 2 7/8 models I have ever seen. These trains really do attract people of all ages. Joe's gear was in a room with other layouts and the circle of 2 7/8 track demanded much of the attention. I couldn't take my eyes off of the trolley as it smoothly moved over the track that was designed over 100 years ago.....


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