Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I'm no April Fool....

31 Years ago this was the cover of the TTOS Bulletin. It was Ward Kimball's imagination that graced many front covers of this wonderful magazine. The whole photo is one rare toy after another. It just goes to show that anyone can still be a kid in April. In 1977 everyone was anxious to go see Star Wars again. I'd rather play with the toys in this photo.

Maybe we should all try an April diorama?


PS Any thoughts on where that skyscraper is from? We don't have enough tinplate skyscrapers!

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Anonymous said...

That skyscraper shows up on eBay. From the 30's. Bright yellow, red and blue litho. Forget who makes it. I think the smaller plane to the right goes with the skyscraper, spins around the top.
Looks like Tootsie Toy cars.
I want that Issemeir tin tree!