Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It Begins....

I just ordered the benchwork for a new layout from Mianne. I know, I know; it isn't that big of a layout. I have to start somewhere and I need to run my standard gauge trains and accessories. Mianne makes modular benchwork (not SGMA type but not far off) and I know that if it needs to get bigger, I can add more. Of course I'll chronicle the building of the benchwork as well as the nailing of the plywood and eventual choices for tabletop color, etc.. What I am really interested in is what radius of curve I can get onto this and if I'll be able to squeeze on a switch or two.

Also, one question I have for everyone out there: what do you use to support your transformers and command structure? I'm curious, I've seen different ways to build supports for ZW's and the like. Does anyone have a favorite? I've seen quite a few however I freely admit I don't know the first thing about building a heat resistant and strong support for layout power.


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