Friday, April 04, 2008

The Train Stops Here!

I took a few shots out of the upcoming Stout Auction and some past NETTE auctions to make a point. I think the most common item in any layout is the station. Yet stations are completely uncommon.

The scales are different. Each manufacturer has a radically different take on how to create a stations (lithography vs. pressed metal, etc.). Lighting is different and so seems to be the accessories or accessory that comes along with the station. We all tend to dwell on the Lionel classic stations yet here are wonderful stations from many of the other manufacturers. I have quite a few other pics of stations I'll post at some point as well.

I think the station is probably the most produced toy train accessory there is short of the banjo signal. Yet only a few are produced now (Pridelines, Lionel and MTH all have made some variation of the Lionel flavor). Yet there are still many wonderful Ives, Dorfan and Marklin stations that create a jaw dropping spectacle on any layout. I seem to remember the Marklin stations going for a small fortune at the Ward Kimball auction.

So what stations would everyone like to see reproduced? I for one would like to see something a little more updated like the Union Terminal in Cincinnati. Send me pictures of your favorite stations and I'll post them asap.

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