Wednesday, April 09, 2008

NETTE April 25th/26th Auction is up!

The NETTE Auction is up in eBay live auctions. This has some rather eclectic standard gauge from Ives and a few others. It is absolutely worth a look or two (or more).....

Oh yes, I've heard the MTH Vol 2 catalog is on the way for York. Anyone care to guess if they will roll out any new standard gauge? My guess is not until next year but I could be wrong....


PS - Take a moment to appreciate the photography and time that goes into these catalogs. I was at one of the NETTE sessions where they were photographing and cataloging the auction. Believe me, it is hard work to give everyone a good picture that is representative of a toy but not over selling it. The nice thing about NETTE is what you see is always what you get (and that's a whole lot of work).

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