Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ballasting Standard Gauge Track Poll

Ok, so I guess quite a few of you don't care about my polls. If you are going to peruse the blog it would be really great if you could answer them. Come on, it's two button clicks.

Only 59 people responded to my poll on ballasting standard gauge track. Here are the results (above). Guess I'm going to steer clear of ballast for now....



Jim Kelly said...

Marc, I tried to answer the question but I couldn't figure out how to respond the way it was worded. One of the most popular methods of SG tinplate track treatment is to use weatherstripping strips under the ties and wire ties to hold the track in place. Does that count as ballasting?

Anonymous said...

I missed the poll but here's an answer. I like the rubber roadbed that reproduces the original. And I also like the Gargraves Phantom Stainless mounted directly to plywood. Advantages & Disadvantages as in so many other areas of life. And I would welcome another possibility -- where's that Std. G. snap-track system that L developed for the Hiawatha? (Could have been K-line, but it DOES exist).