Saturday, November 08, 2008

Watching the Stout Auction

For an economy in the crapper there are some major, major dollars getting spent at a train auction today. Not many bargains to be had in standard gauge.
Plus I have to believe that if Jehu Garelick thought his little toy would sell for over $40k, he'd probably have made more!
PS $40k in 1895 dollars is $1,018,879.61. Guess the spirit of invention doesn't die and some people just get paid for it REALLY late.


Anonymous said...

Prices were generally higher than I expected. But a few items went for less. Lot 1177 the #14 boxcar with 3-rivet trucks went for just $550, while the #12 hit $1,000 and the #17 was $1,350. There were many great items in the auction. Carlyle and Finch seemed to go high, but they looked like unusual items. I didn't win any of my bids (Lionel standard gauge items), but enjoyed watching some of it on the live bidding site. Did any of you buy items from the auction?
Doug Gordon

alex said...

I sat this one out. There were a few OK buys but most prices were pretty crazy. I did put a $750 bid on the home made standard gauge steeple cab set that I thought was low by about half but fell off my chair when I say it go for $3500. I must have missed something. Alex

Anonymous said...

Alex, I had $1200 on that set. I figured if the bidders didn't care about the "homemade" train (with all those other wonderful trains around them) I would of had a chance.... but as it was, thy seemed to care a bunch about it! I wonder if JD got it?