Friday, November 28, 2008

Metal Museum

Just doing a little web surfing and I found this neat little site called "Metal Museum". It's a little repository of Buddy L toys. Seems like there are quite a few Buddy L collectors out there. I do periodic searches on eBay and see the Buddy L prices are up there. Check out the Metal Museum. It's always interesting to see what other collectors are focusing on.... Marc

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Bill said...

THANK YOU!!! Years ago I pulled a hydraulic lever on my Grandfather's old toy truck, and received a nice lifelong scar to my forehead. Looks like the boy in this picture just missed the same fate. I have always held a soft spot for that truck, and refused to let it go. My mother hated it after that event. To this day it still sits on display in my office. I found this blog while researching the trains my grandfather had given to my dad who has since passed on to me (a #42 loco with some passenger cars) when I saw this picture. Immediately I knew that was my truck. Until now, I had no clue as to the maker or date built. I have to admit I was very excited to learn about it. I truly appreciate you taking the time to see what others may be looking at, and then sharing it.