Saturday, November 08, 2008

Thoughts On Stout

I bid on 24 lots, but not many of my bids were serious and I didn't come even close on all but a few. I lost two lots that closed at my maximum bid to floor bidders including one C & F stock car that I really wanted. I did win this restored 1912. The 1912 was made for three years only, 1910, 1911, and 1912, and it's a pretty special loco, the forerunner of Lionel's great 42/402/408E series of electrics. Some of the closing prices are mind boggling like the Howard steeple cab that went for $24.5K. I think that now days auctions are NOT the best places to pick up trains at good prices. You're likely to be up against some deep pockets at high end auction houses.


Anonymous said...

I think the high quality of the items at the auction brought the money out. There were some deals to be had, but they were few and far between. I kept an eye on it throughout the day and was surprised by some of the prices some pieces brought. I knew a few lots were gonna bring the motherload, but still more than I thought eclipsed the 5 digit mark. I wish I could of been there to see some of these trains firsthand. And congrats Jim on your new purchase.

Anonymous said...

Just bid on a Stout auction-and lost the bid to someone with a lower max bid than what I had-nobody can explain why and apparently Stout doesn't care if it sold to a lower bidder.