Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Terry Johnson's Layout

If you haven't seen this layout, it is impressive (check out the link).  It's one of those layouts that makes me wish I bought a larger house and figured out a way to cash in on the internet bubble before it popped. 

Speaking of cash, standard gauge isn't exactly helping my bottom line.   My problem is that whenever I see something, I always think it will be the last time I ever see it (on eBay, in person, etc.).  Ergo, I drop cash on items when I shouldn't.  Plain as day, I need to cut back.  Any stories out there?  My wife is ready to drop kick me, than she remembers that trains are fairly benign.  There are about a thousand other vices that could spell disaster for me and my family.  As is, my family does seem to get a real charge out of all this stuff. 

Any stories out there?


1 comment:

Gilbert Ives said...

I think it's high time for you to get a more MATURE hobby -- like "other women", gambling, drinking & drugging...