Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Why no posts?

Hi Folks,

I have noticed that nobody has posted on the topics I have put up.  I will open up the forum and let someone else be moderators and post as well as engage in discussion.  I need your participation to keep this board interesting.  I have tons to say but I know you standard gauger's have opinions!  Let's hear 'em!



alex said...

That's a Voltamp of my holy grails of train collecting. Looks repainted, but well done. Its surrounded by buildings made by Voltamp for some kind of special display.... this was written about in a TCA quarterly article a few years ago.

Gilbert Ives said...

Somehow it took me a very long time to buckle-down and register for posting. Perhaps this very accomplishment will enbolden me to state my beliefs regarding Standard Gauge Trains (and those who love such trains).