Friday, February 11, 2005

Huge Toy Auction

Wow! James Julia Auctions is having a huge toy auction this weekend. It is on eBay live auctions as well as via direct absentee bidding. Some very nice standard gauge is coming up for auction. Plus just the sheer amount of toys and cool stuff is staggering.

If you want some decent Lionel Prewar, this is really an auction you should at least watch on your computer (get out that piggy bank!!).

By the way, I'm just curious.... I think that this massive, massive collection is all from one family (although I could be wrong). It is absolutely stunning.

Where does anyone get the kind of cash that it takes to buy all this stuff? (Ok, this is going to be a general money rant.) Most of these toys are in blisteringly great condition and the trains (even if they are refinished) are still ridiculously nice. I know, I know, I've heard it a million times; it's two old fogies that started collecting this stuff before anyone knew it had any value, blah blah blah. But ya gotta be loaded to even afford a place to store all this stuff, let alone keep it in good condition. Did I miss yet another compensation meeting at my job? What do these people do for a living where they can afford this stuff?

Sorry, I tend to get off an a rant. When I see $20k plus prices going on at some of these auctions, I have to think it's the same people that can afford those new $1 million homes they keep building near my house (and no, I didn't pay anywhere near that for mine). I gotta wonder how many doctors (specialists), lawyers (that are any good) and CEO's are out there buying trains and toys. And by the way, I know a few doctors that collect trains and they don't spend THAT much money. Who are these people?

(PS My guess is that it is probably dealers all off in remote locations that are marking this stuff up and holding it behind glass at thousands of trade shows and then end up trading it anyway, but that's just a guess.)

Rant over.

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PS The link is above!
PSS I still think this is a great auction and I do like the folks that run Julia, they are honest and friendly and they put together one heck of an auction. The people that bid this stuff up to $20k a shot? That's another story.

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