Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bridges of Standard County...

Ok, it's a little cheesy but I love bridges. I haven't seen a layout that has these bridges set up this way. Most of the layouts I have seen are plastered with a Hellgate or two (or four or eight). These little bridges have some personality (they look like real bridges that you see everywhere in the Northeast, try driving up the Bronx River Parkway in NY to the Kensico Lake Damn or through the middle of New Jersey). They're everywhere.

I'm not sure how those ramps handle any kind of speed though. I have a mint version of the 101. I may try some heavy stuff on it....

I know there is probably not a ton of cash in reproducing these but it would be nice if someone did it. Some different color variations would be great.

Also, there is some nice stuff out on eBay this week. I am bidding on a #17 caboose. Saw some nice Ives out there as well. Yes, I know, it's probably a little overpriced but it's fun just to watch it get bid up.

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Anonymous said...

These bridges are appealing, but forget about putting anything with ramps on an operating SG layout if you want the trains to run relatively smoothly. I have a later 280 smaller rampless bridge on the layout and I want to add another. I did not realize that even these later bridges were sold in singles, doubles and triples. When I find another to match the one I have I'll have a double span 280 as a part of an operating loop.

Jim Kelly